How To Change the Nickname in Minecraft?

How To Change the Nickname in Minecraft?

If after creating a profile in Minecraft you have a desire to change the nickname, but you do not know how, then here you will find an answer to your question. To do this, you will have to delve into the game files a little. First of all, find the folder .Minecraft and go to the catalog /bin.

The next step will be the opening of the Minecraft archive.jar. This can be done using any archive. Now you need to follow the path of Net \ Minecraft \ Client. Of course, the folders will find the Minecraftapplet file.Class.

It must be opened using any text editor. Most of the data will be encoded, but you can find the Player line, which is the default nickname. This is done by searching Ctrl + F. Change this nickname to the one you need and save the file.

After that, close the archive and go to the game. Your nickname must change.

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