How To Tame a Pig in Minecraft?

How To Tame a Pig in Minecraft?

Pig is a friendly creature that can be bred as a pet. When death, meat falls out of them, which satisfies the player’s hunger well. Despite all this, the pig cannot be tamed as an ocelot or wolf. She will never obey your orders and follow you independently.

However, a pig can be controlled by a different way. For this you will need a saddle, fishing and carrots. Carrots are a product that is necessary for the propagation of these animals, so any pig in a small radius will follow the player if he has carrots in his hands.

To put on a pig on a pig, you need to take the saddle and press the pig with the right mouse key. Re – pressing the right key will make the player sit on it. To get down, use the Shift button. In order to be able to control a pig, it is necessary to scrap a fishing rod with carrots. Когда удочка будет в руках у игрока, и он будет сидеть на свинье, то она будет двигаться в направлении его взгляда.

The pig and horse are the only animals that can be controlled as riding.

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