Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

Big Reactors – addon to BuildCraft, adding a multi – block structure to the game, which works on fuel like Yellorium Ingots and produces a large amount of energy (MJ), heat and waste. Energy accumulates in the reactor until it is necessary. The process can also be completely stopped at any time.

To install mod, you need Minecraft 1.5.2 And Forge

1. Resources

Yellorite Ore – ore added to the generation of the world. The main resource from which you can get fuel for the reactor.

Yellorium Ingot – Cracks by rem. Used as the main type of fuel for the reactor: produces energy, heat and Cyanite Ingot (waste). If IC2 is installed, instead of Yellorium, the player will receive immediately enriched uranium*.

Cyanite Ingot – a worked out resource in the reactor. It turns out by working out Yellorium or Blutonium in the reactor.

Blutonium Ingot – processed Cyanite Ingot in the Cyanite Reprocessor block. Used as fuel for the reactor: produces energy, heat and again Cyanite Ingot. In fact, it has no differences with Yellorium Ingot in terms of energy production and heat.

Graphite Bar – material used for craft chains of many reactor blocks. Can be obtained by burning coal or charcoal in the furnace.

2. The set of the reactor

Reactor Casing – casing, basic component for creating a multi – block structure.

All ribs of the reactor are built only from the sheathing. It can also be used for the rest of the sides (on the sides, top and bottom) to complete the layout of the entire structure.


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

4 Graphite Bar, 1 Yellorium Ingot, 4 glands.

Reactor Glass – structural block of the reactor. Used purely for decorative purposes.

Can be placed on any side of the reactor (from above, below, on the sides). Cannot be inserted into the ribs of the structure.


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

1 Reactor Casing, 2 glasses.

Reactor Controller – the central command unit of the reactor, providing the main user interface. Each reactor must have at least one such block, the addition of several has no effect.

Can only be installed in the vertical sides inside the framework of the structure.

If the reactor works, the controller screen is green in green, if the reactor is stopped – red.


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

AND – Inner buffer of energy. The maximum amount of accumulated energy is 1,000,000 mj.

AND – The button changes the rector’s waste extraction mode: automatically, manually and auto – transformation to any free port of In – out.

III – the button is available when the waste extraction mode is selected andquot;Manualandquot; (manually). Extracts waste from the reactor to the free port in – out.

IIV – The button turns on and off the reactor.

Status – displays the current state of the reactor (Online – VCL, Offline – Off).

Heat – temperature. It is not yet clear what exactly is displaying, t.To. Data on the temperature of active fuel rods can diverge very strongly with what is displayed here in Gui.

Active Fuel Rods – the number of active (working) fuel rods of the reactor.

Power output – the amount of energy generated per 1 tick (framew.


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

4 Reactor Casing, 2 Graphite Bar, 1 diamond, 1 Redstone.

Reactor Power Tap – andquot;tapandquot;, which ensures the transmission of the reactor energy to energy networks and consumers. It is to it that BC pipes or analogues from Universal Electricity will connect. It also works with Redstone Energy Conduit (Thermalexpansion) pipes.

You can install several taps. In this case, the distribution of energy will not be unambiguous: all the reactor’s accessible capacities are displayed through the first crane to the consumer chain, any rest – through the next crane. In the event that the third, fifth, tenth crane is connected – the energy will come out in the order of the sequence: if the first network no longer accepts energy or is oversaturated, the remaining power goes to the second crane;If the second network does not accept / oversaturated, the power goes to the third, etc.D.

Cranes can only be placed on the vertical sides inside the reactor structure frames.

If a compatible pipe is connected to the tap, the indicator on its upper edge will change the color from red to green.


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

4 Reactor Casing, 4 Redstone.

Reactor Access Port – interface for loading fuel and unloading waste from the reactor. At least one such block is needed. For automatic circuits, it is recommended to use two.

It is installed only on the vertical sides inside the reactor design frame.

There are two types of ports: (in) input and (out) exit.

In – ports by defending, are recognized by large green arrows aimed at the center of the block. At Out – ports, the arrows are blue and directed from the center of the block.


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

AND – Inner fuel buffer.

AND – Inner Boofer for waste.

III – the button switches the in \ out of the port (used for automatic loading and unloading circuits).

Ports can be freely switched to in \ out using the button andquot;Dirandquot; in the upper right corner of its user interface. andquot;Dir: inandquot; And andquot;Dir: outandquot; Accordingly, they mean andquot;entranceandquot; And andquot;exitandquot;.

In – port accepts and stores only joint fuel with the reactor (Yellorium and Blutonium, enriched by Uranus IC), OUT – serves to store and withdraw the reactor waste (Cyanite).

In – port can be used to refuel the reactor using automatic systems such as BC or Applied Energistics.

Out – port will automatically push out objects if any compatible transport pipe is connected to it. If, say, two ports stand on the reactor andquot;Inandquot; And andquot;Outandquot;, And andquot;Outandquot; – The port will be crowded, then the waste will go to andquot;Outandquot; – slots andquot;Inandquot; – port and will be stored there until andquot;Outandquot; – The port will not be freed.


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

4 Reactor Casing, 1 chest, 1 piston.

Yellorium Fuel Rod – block, which is used as a fuel rod in the reactor. Has a transparent structure, renders inside the fuel in the form of a liquid.

Accommodates 4 yellorium ingot (4000 conditional fuel units).

The rods are placed only in the interior of the reactor, you cannot put on the front sides and in the ribs of the structure. Can be installed by a column on each other (for high reactor structures). Each column must be closed from above by the Reactor Control Rod block.

Filling the entire interior of the reactor with rods is not necessary. But at the same time, the entire space between the lower reactor casing and the top unit Reactor Control Rod should be filled with Yellorium Fuel Rod blocks, otherwise the design is not andquot;Get togetherandquot;.

If the structure of the reactor is damaged, then all the fuel in the rods will visually disappear, but as soon as the structure is again collected – the fuel will be restored. The same applies to accumulated energy.


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

2 Graphite Bar, 1 Yellorium Ingot, 6 glands.

Reactor Control Rod – final component of a column of fuel rods.

It is placed only on the upper face of the reactor and only if there is a fuel rod under it.

The main feature of this block is that it is able to regulate the operation of a single column of fuel rods under it.


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

Heat – the temperature of the column of fuel rods.

Fuel – general fuel of the column.

Waste – the amount of material worked in the column.

Control Rod – thin settings that allows andquot;hold backandquot; the amount of energy generated in the fuel rod. Buttons andquot; – andquot; And andquot;+andquot; reduce and increase the indicator by 10%. For example, the value of 50% will make the rod work at half the power, the value of 100% will turn it off at all. This is a very convenient and practical function for configuring the output power of the reactor and fuel saving.

However, if there are a lot of the column, then the adjustment of each takes a long time. Build wisely!


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

4 Reactor Casing, 3 Graphite Bar, 1 Yellorium Ingot, 1 Redstone.

Cyanite Reprocessor – a full – fledged mechanism that is not part of the reactor. It serves to process Cyanite Ingot waste at Blutonium Ingot, which can be used again as fuel.

It has an internal storage of the water necessary for the work process, as well as the energy storage (1000 mJ). It has a system setting up inputs and outputs, like cars from TE.

For the production of one Blutonium ingot, you need: 2 ingot Cyanite + 1000 MB (1 Besero) liquid + 100 mj.


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

AND – internal water buffer, with a capacity of 5000 MB (5 buckets).

AND – Cyanite download slot.

III – Blutonium slot.

Eve – buffer for energy.

IN – Settings of entrances and output: red – for the entrance of Cyanite, green – for the output of Blutonium (throws out automatically out if the compatible transport pipe is not connected), blue – for water. Energy can be connected from any side. Upon completion of the settings on the sides of the block, the framework of the corresponding colors will appear.


Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

4 Reactor Casing, 1 Yellorium Fuel Rod, 1 iron, 2 pistons, 1 redstone.

3. How everything happens in practice?

The size of the reactor frame is from 3x3x3 to 32x32x48 (according to the configuration file). Its power directly depends on the size of the reactor. But why build a huge colossus, if then there is nowhere to eat energy? Let’s start with a small 3x3x3.

Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

We spread the bottom layer from the sheathing. In the center you can stick a glass block, if you like.

Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

The middle layer consists of the main controller, the port of in – out, andquot;Cranesandquot;, Glass of casing. In the center is a transparent fuel rod. Also, we remember that the ribs should consist only of the skin.

Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

The last layer is completely made of sheathing, in the center is Reactor Control Rod directly above the fuel rod. If the design is collected correctly – we visually notice this in the figure.

What will be the power of the reactor? One fuel rod is able to produce ~ 4mj \ T as much as possible. If you build a 3x3x12 reactor, then there will be 10 rods (12 total height and minus 2 of the unit: the bottom of the skin and top Control Rod) with ~ 40MJ \ T with an equivalent. Cool? Still would! Theoretically, with the maximum size of the reactor, energy is produced 165 600 mj \ t! *Gregtech smokes on the sidelines*

It is best to withdraw energy with the pipes from Thermal Expansion, especially if the capacities are needed very high. If you use pipes from BuildCraft, then you will first have to connect a wooden electric, as to any engine, the maximum throughput of which is 32MJ \ T.

Does the reactor explode if the maximum amount of energy accumulates and which there will be no one to give? Personally, I have not yet managed to warm it up to such critical temperatures. I only note that at the end the reactor reduces power, but continues to work. Automatic systems for disconnecting, unfortunately, have not yet been provided for. Buildcraft gates do not react to Big Reactors, except for in – out ports.

4. Bigreactors.CFG

Generateyelloriteore = True – include Yellorite generation in the world. It is recommended to disable if the client is installed by IC2 to avoid an imbalance in the game, t.To. When burning ore, the player will immediately receive enriched uranium. Yellorite Ingot Autoisa is disconnected by the AutoadDuranium = FALSE parameter, but I don’t see much difference: in fact, there will be one type andquot;Flyingandquot; fuel, and one is not very … for andquot;honestandquot; games with IC2 are better not to include ore and use uranium.

Yellorium Ore reserves in the world are also configured: the number of clusters, their size, the amplitude of the heights.

Enableworldgen = True – the generation of Yellorite ore is included for all biomes except the lower world and the edge.

Enableworldregeneration = false – ore generation in the already created champa. Disabled by default.

For those who think that the amount of energy generated in the addon is too high, there is a coefficient in the PowerproductionMultIPLIER parameter – a multiplier of reactors power. Another option is to indicate the maximum size of the frame: Maxreactorheight (height) and maxreactorsize (length and width), thereby limiting the energy capacities of the machines.

The addon appeared recently, has not even left the alpha testing stage, however, he deserves attention. This is what has been missing for so long Buildcraft! Perhaps Big Reactors has not yet been balanced, amused and raw, but in the future the author promises to much complicate it and diversify it.

That’s all.

Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

Move in /.Minecraft/Mods

Big Reactors – Addon To Buildcraft 1.5.2

Download moddon Big Reactors:

From our site: Bigreactors – 0.1.13a.jar [515.55 KB]

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