Mcskin3d V1.6 – Program For Creating Skins Minecraft

Mcskin3d V1.6 – Program For Creating Skins Minecraft

McSkin3D – This is a program for drawing skins for players of mobs and various things from the world Minecraft. Previously, this program has already been published on the site by the user

Matt. But since then, a lot of time has passed and significant changes have occurred in the program for the better.

The author of this excellent application is Parill. The application provides the ability to draw a skin on a volume model of a character, which greatly facilitates this process. Also in the application there appeared a number of new functions and tools that make a very good graphic editor with a very convenient and understandable interface from McSkin3D. It is very easy to figure out the program thanks to the explanation for each tool in the lower line of the working window.

And so here is the list of the most interesting functions McSkin3D:

  • the presence of various color palettes with the possibility of editing as well as adding their own*
  • the presence of such tools as andquot;noiseandquot;, andquot;sealandquot;, andquot;Protect/darkenandquot;,andquot;Pouringandquot; thanks to which you can easily create realistic skins*
  • The presence of buttons Mcskin3d V1.6 – Program For Creating Skins Minecraft which make it possible to increase and decrease the resolution of the future skin (do not put too much resolution)*
  • The presence of a button Mcskin3d V1.6 – Program For Creating Skins Minecraft which makes it possible to separate the working window from the side*
  • The presence of a color selection wheel allows you to choose smooth colors*
  • the ability to choose two colors at the same time*
  • the ability to draw skins not only for the player but also for other mobs*
  • the ability to draw various helmets, crown hairstyles using a button andquot;helmetandquot; – Mcskin3d V1.6 – Program For Creating Skins Minecraft*
  • the presence of a stencil in 2D mode shows the presence of each part*
  • The ability to turn on the grid in 2D* mode*

Screenshots of the application with some explanations

This is the main window of the program here you can see the palette selection window, the skine control window (here you can create a new skin, copy existing, change resolution, etc.D.), as well as the working window

Mcskin3d V1.6 – Program For Creating Skins Minecraft

This is what a hybrid viewing mode looks like (you can draw in both parts of the screen).

Mcskin3d V1.6 – Program For Creating Skins Minecraft

And here it shows how the skin will look if you turn off all the parts except the head (this is done in the menuandgt;Visible parts, or using the buttons placed at the top of the working window).

Mcskin3d V1.6 – Program For Creating Skins Minecraft

Here you can see the menu for choosing a figure to create a skin. In chapter andquot;Otherandquot; Various things, in the section andquot;Passiveandquot; neutral mobs, in the section andquot;Hostileandquot; aggressive mobs, and in the section andquot;Mine Little Ponyandquot; Figures for Mine Little Pony Fashion.

Mcskin3d V1.6 – Program For Creating Skins Minecraft

These are all tools available in this version of the application

Mcskin3d V1.6 – Program For Creating Skins Minecraft

Well, here is the proof of the work of the skins in the game, and it is also clear that volumetric hairstyles will also be displayed

Mcskin3d V1.6 – Program For Creating Skins Minecraft

Attention! Many of those who have already downloaded the old version know that there is an update auto function there and they most likely already have this version, but this assembly is completely translated, there is not a small set of skins (in the folder (in the folder andquot;Skinsandquot;), and also here there is the possibility of creating skins for the Mine Little Pony Fashion.I changed the texture of the floor from grass to sand (there is grass texture in a separate folder)

If you have set too much permission of the skin, the program can be bursting, and at the next time it launches to throw with an error.

To solve this is quite simple: you need to delete the skin of the skin that you put up too much permission (usually it is in the folder with the application in the folder andquot;Skinsandquot;) since the program automatically launches the last file with which you worked.

Installation of the McSkin3D program:

The archive has an already installed application Just unpack the archive in any place And start mcskin3d.EXE

The Russifier I did NAZ3ZAR specifically for site (well for yourself)

99% of the application was translated (1% could not be translated since the program gives errors)

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